About Junior Auxiliary


JA Then…

The National Association of Junior Auxiliaries (NAJA) was formed on November 3, 1941, by a gathering of over one hundred ladies from towns in Arkansas and Mississippi. The goal was to unite resources and serve the less fortunate of our community with a focus on children. Even during World War II, these volunteers would pull rations and resources to provide for the needy.

And Now…

Today the National Organization has 101 Active Chapters in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas. The 3259 Active members donated 208,714 total hours through volunteer work! The Chapters raised a total of $2,540,137  and spent $2,469,136.

Our Chapter

The Harrison, Arkansas Chapter currently has 16 Active Members. In 2013-2014 this group donated more than 2,300 hours of service to our community and raised more than $5,000.


Provisional Members

Members begin their training with our Chapter in September as a Provisional Member. During training members learn more about researching the needs of the community, developing projects to meet those needs, and implementing those projects. The Provisional members develop and implement a service project at the conclusion of their training time in April.

Active Members

After successful completion of Provisional training, you will be considered an Active Member. Active Members are required to donate 24 Service hours to the community a year, as well as accumulate 12 continuing education hours and 6 Administration/Finance hours a year. The total minimum requirement is 42 hours of service

Beyond Five Years

Each Active Member is asked to commit for a term of 5 years. After that five years, the member may choose to stay involved with the Chapter as an Associate or Life Member.


General and Board Meetings are held each month. Currently, the General Meeting is held on the third Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. at First Federal Bank, located at 1401 Hwy 62/65 North, Harrison, AR.


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